About Me

72669684_702580606908738_9016354991144697856_nPen of a Ready Writer fits me to a T. My pen and my keyboard are always ready and waiting to bring to life whatever my muse inspires.

I began writing in the fourth grade when my teacher, Mrs. Ball, gave her fascinating writing prompts. I was always the first one out of the starting gate. I took a variety of writing classes, studied the works of Shakespeare and classic literature, and the always annoying grammar. I continued my writing education in college, then delved into writing for my small town, monthly newspaper as a regular writer and columnist for a number of years. I also worked as a news clerk for a weekly newspaper. One day in a staff meeting the editor was frustrated because all the writers had their hands full with writing assignments and we still needed one more. I boldly told him I am a writer and he ought to give me a try. He did, much to the dismay of the writers who had journalism degrees. The editor liked my work and gave me an article a week and a two-part column called Talking in My Sleep.

I started a personal blog in the early 2000s and discovered online writing sites and began a love affair. I’ve been writing for Hubpages for eight years and counting. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to write about anything under the sun, but I have been blessed by an amazing writing community, we are like a family.

Far more important than being a writer, I am a born again believer of Jesus Christ, mother of four sons, and blessed with 14 grandkids, ages 3 to 27 and two great-grands 8 and 10. I have been living in the Pacific Northwest for almost 30 years and enjoy every bit of the scenery in my rural community. I hope you will like this blog and share it with others.